RZ Productions Inc. hired Vanessa Hahn of Hahn Design Studio to design a print advertisement campaign for their week-long retreat, "Mountainview Pesach Experience 2014." The advertisement would run in several magazine and newspaper publications. Part of the role was researching the dimensions for each publication, and modifying the original concept to fit those dimensions.
An interesting part of this campaign is that the dates of the event were never on the advertisements since the target audience would know when Pesach or Passover would occur.
3 5/16" x 9"
3 5/16" x 4 1/2"
5" x 6"
5" x 7"
6" x 9 1/4"
This ad comp included a vector stamp indicating a promotional pricing if they registered by January 31st, 2014.
3 7/8" x 5 1/4"
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